Louis Oosthuizen uses cart path to hit 500 yard drive: video

Struggling for distance off the tee? Aim for the cart path.

Check out this video. Louis Oosthuizen hits a wayward tee shot off the first hole at Blackstone Golf Club in South Korea to start his second round at the Ballantine’s Championship.
Oosthuizen’s ball finds the cart path and travels another few hundred or so yards. As you can see at the very end, his ball was extremely lucky to stop where it did. It could very well have travelled another few hundred yards in the wrong direction.
Interestingly, Australia’s Brett Rumford hit an almost identical shot two years ago at the same event, on the same course on the same hole. Rumford didn’t get quite so lucky and also had a little bit of outside influence from the spectators.

Did someone say, “bad course design”?

Rumford scores spectacular win at Ballantine’s Championship

Rumford joins a growing list of Australian golfer's who have won in 2013.

Brett Rumford played some forgettable shots during his final few holes at the European Tour's Ballantine's Championship in South Korea yesterday, but it was his approach to the first playoff hole that will be remembered for many years.

It would be an understatement to say that Rumford's Achilles heel is the driver. His driving accuracy has always floated just above 50% but manages to stay in tournaments thanks to a great short game.
Rumford was struggling with the driver again during the final round of the Ballantine's Championship and appeared to hit himself out of the tournament on the 17th hole. With a two shot lead, Rumford found the trees on the left and was forced to take a penalty drop finishing the hole with double bogey.

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Every shot from Adam Scott’s Masters final round: video supercut

Anyone else got a bad case of Adam Scott and The Masters withdrawal? This should help.
We’ve consciously tried to post a bit of “non-Adam Scott” golf news here at Aussie Golfer this week in the wake of Masters overload last week.
It wasn’t really overload though was it? We’re still riding this high and the fasting was only going to last so long. 

Here is a cool compilation of every shot (that was broadcast) that Adam Scott played in his final round of the Masters.

Alligators speed up play at Zurich Classic: video

As Nick Faldo says, a nice incentive to play a little faster.

What makes six golfers play 96 holes of golf in three days?

Aussie Golfer penned a piece for Golf Industry Central’s latest magazine.

And speaking of Barnbougle Dunes, I penned a piece for the latest issue of Golf Industry Central magazine which you can read below. 
The issue focuses on education in the golf industry. My piece is on pages 18 and 19 and looks at what makes six regular golfers get inspired enough to go and play 96 holes of golf in just three days.

Barnbougle features on ABC’s Landline TV program

ABC’s Landline TV program traces the beginnings of Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm golf courses.

Last Sunday’s episode of Landline featured Richard Sattler, the course owner of Barnbougle Dunes. It provides a great insight into the history of the golf course and Sattler’s unique involvement.
Barnbougle piece starts about 37 minutes in.

Golf Australia announce new 5-stroke anchor for Australian handicapping

Golf Australia apply another small tweak to Australian golf handicapping.

After a crazy few weeks with Adam Scott winning the Masters, we're slowly coming back to earth here at Aussie Golfer and catching up on a few of the things we missed last week.

We brought you the new Life is Greener golf show earlier today but also announced a last week was the news from Golf Australia that the current Australian handicapping system is to be getting a little tweak with the anchor shifting  from four to five strokes, coming into effect on May 14, 2013.

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