Forget Nicklaus, now Tiger Woods is after Wilt Chamberlain

There was a time when sports fans around the globe believed that Tiger Wood’s destiny lay at the feet of Jack Nicklaus.And while Tiger’s chase of Jack remains in place, it seems young Eldrick is now looking toward breaking the records of another historic American Athlete – Wilt Chamberlain.

Yes, for years we’ve always known Tiger Woods as a gifted and dedicated golfer with enough charisma to keep fans and reporters alike a swoon. That all changed a couple nights ago in an incident that involved a tree, an Escalade with Tiger driving it, and an angry wife smacking things with a golf club.

Truce no more.

Now, every golf reporter north of Antarctica is taking their dusty “journalism” caps out of the attic and investigating what’s going on with Tiger.

Personally, I think it’s simple. Tiger likes Sex with women that don’t answer to “Mrs. Woods.” And, being that Tiger only shoot for the greats, like Nicklaus on the golf course, it’s apparent he’s shooting for Wilt Chamberlain in the sack. Reports are tha Wilt the Stilt slept with 5.6 women every single day of his natural life.

Nobody though Tiger could make a run at the Golden Bear’s record for major victories. And no one will think Tiger could outscore Wilt. But remember this – just because what Tiger’s been doing is sleazy and wrong, doesn’t mean it should be written out of history. Let us not give up on Tiger Woods. Any record could be his, whether it be Jack’s or Wilt’s.


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