Pantone Color Of The Year 2018 & Ultra Violet Golf Fashion

A Stylish Golfer's Winter Essentials

The much anticipated early December announcement pronouncement has come; Ultra Violet, a deep, blue-purple shade is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018 . 

Purple, it must be said, can be polarizing. Research from a myriad of market researchers and assorted color scientists (yes, color scientists are a thing) show that while men tend to dislike the hue, women have a clear propensity for purple. Hence we can assume there may be some disaccord along gender lines when it comes to Ultra Violet, however, early reaction has been surprisingly positive. It’s been referred to as counterculture… but also as regal… both in the same blurb. That might say something about its eventual universality. 

In any case I can already testify to the fact that Ultra Violet lends itself very well to fairway fashion, and I look forward to seeing a lot Continue reading “Pantone Color Of The Year 2018 & Ultra Violet Golf Fashion”

Pantone Color Of The Year 2018 & Ultra Violet Golf Fashion

A Threesome on the 4th – Golf Outfit Inspiration for Indpendence Day

A Threesome on the 4th
July 4th Golf Fashion Inspiration – Styles from EPNY, Greg Norman, Polo Golf, PUMA, Jamie Sadock, and more.  TheGolfGirl via Polyvore

It’s an iconic combination to be sure, with red representing hardiness and valor, while white evokes purity and innocence. Then there’s blue, for vigilance and justice. 

That explanation makes it’s easy to understand why the red, white and blue color palette is so powerful. 

Here in the US, where flags fly proudly throughout the year, there’s a special place for the patriotic color scheme in summer. From Memorial Day at the end of May to Labor Day in early September our streets, homes and public buildings are resplendent in red, white and blue.

So, heading into the Independence Day weekend, it’s a perfect time to show your colors on the golf course. With so many stellar designers doing golf apparel these days, the choices are endless.  Happy 4th of July.

A Threesome on the 4th – Golf Outfit Inspiration for Indpendence Day

Golf Gifts for Father’s Day – 6 Suggestions To Make An Impression

Color Challenge : Pink & Red

Color Challenge : Pink & Red

Color Challenge : Pink & Red

Color Challenge : Pink & Red

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Uniqlo LifeWear – Women’s Golf Apparel Perfect for a Winter Course

UNIQLO - Cozy Style for Cold Weather Golf
 On course with UNIQLO – several popular LifeWear pieces styled for cold weather golf                                                                       GolfGirlMedia 

Despite an early Arctic blast that’s brought freezing temperatures to all 50 US states, many golfers aren’t about to put their clubs away for the season.

In fact, with a weekend warm-up projected for many parts of the country, the coming week… even here in New England… will likely feature golf for those of us who refuse to relinquish the game just yet.

As far as apparel for those wintry rounds, It always seems to me that the most innovative and exciting cold weather golf styles come from Japan.   Have a look at the 2014 Fall//Winter campaigns for companies like Pearly GatesKappa Golf, Black & White, Callaway Japan and Viva Heart … to name just a few… and you’ll see what I mean.

Unfortunately, these Japanese collections are generally not available here in the US, and that tends to leave me quite frustrated as temperatures descend.

That’s why I’m rather ecstatic about Uniqlo. Now that the Japanese LifeWear designer has established a firm foothold in the US, we finally have access to apparel that features the technologically advanced textiles, marvelous design and extraordinary range of colors that are the hallmarks of Japan’s golf clothing lines.

Though not specifically a golf apparel company, Uniqlo offers numerous golf-perfect pieces in its LifeWear collection, and the awesome Adam Scott is a Uniqlo brand ambassador.  Much to my delight the company just opened a store here in Danbury so naturally I’ve already selected numerous items for the frosty fairways we’ll be playing on for the next several months.  I’ll definitely be wearing Uniqlo at next week’s Thanksgiving shotgun.

In the meantime, for ladies contemplating a cold weather round, I’ve styled several sublime winter golf outfits around Uniqlo pieces that are sure to keep you warm in style. Uniqlo makes men’s clothes too… we’ll feature them in a future post.

Michelle Wie Wears Stylish Wide Brim Visors for Added Sun Protection

Like Michelle Wie, You May Want to Supersize Your Golf Visor this Summer                              © Golf Girl Media                              

An exciting Sunday at the season's first major and a win last week in her native Hawaii have put LPGA superstar Michelle Wie firmly back into the spotlight, and in addition to her brilliant on-course abilities, fans are collectively getting reacquainted with her distinctive fashion sense.

On the golf course, Wie has been wearing Nike since… well… since she turned pro in 2005, at age 15.  Unusually tall and long-of-limb, the precocious phenom made every outfit look exceptional. She regularly made the "best-dressed female golfer" lists that appeared in blogs and magazines. Off course, at dinners and galas, she wore gowns by trendy young designers…  and, while a student at Stamford, Wie actually dabbled in fashion design herself, documenting innovative DIY designs in a blog she kept at the time.  MORE –>


Hello Kitty’s Midlife Crisis, And Unlikely Liaison With… Playboy?

Several years ago a familiar feline began to appear on the fairways and greens of the world's golf courses.  The diminutive bobtail cat was already famous… a fixture on everything from toys and accessories to school supplies and stationery items.

Kitty White, the cat behind Hello Kitty is one of the world's most recognizable… and lucrative… branded characters. An ultra-basic design… her eyes are simple black dots and she doesn't even have a mouth… allows her to resonate with consumers across the globe.

Her unabashed "cuteness" first charmed children then transcended to teens before celebrities, designers… and a new breed of pink-possessed girly girls… made Hello Kitty a pop-culture phenomenon embraced by many different demographics.  Hence her association with household appliances, motor vehicles and a surprising array of food products. It was inevitable she'd find her way onto a golf course eventually,  and she did. Currently, an image search for Hello Kitty golf will produce a plethora of predominantly pink products. Virtually anything one might need to practice the sport, is available emblazoned with the now iconic logo.

Since she first appeared on a small vinyl change purse in 1974, Japanese company Sanrio has created tens of thousands of Hello Kitty products and licensed her image to hundreds of firms around the world.  The only boundary, being that the iconic kitten would not do anything that might upset mothers and wives, such as holding a gun or drinking spirits.   READ MORE —>