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Deepdale Golf Girl – The Blonde in the Flouncy Red Skirt

Deepdale Golf Girl – Sitting sentinel over thousand of tee shots

There she sits, motionless, throughout the day, watching golfers launch their balls onto the verdant fairways at Deepdale Golf Club.  

A winsome blonde with delicate features, this diminutive diva wears a lacy, low-cut blouse and a billowy scarlet skirt. In one hand she holds a slatted fan, in the other, a white handkerchief… summers can be steamy on Long Island’s north shore.

She is not, however, a lady of leisure.  Despite her fanciful garb the girl has a job to do; implausible as it may seem, she is a tee marker. 

These days, golf courses generally mark their tees with uninspired spheres of plastic, in a small range of colors to designate degree of difficulty. This makes total sense in a modern world where whimsy must give way to practicality in order to ensure sustainability… making the little lady in the flouncy red skirt, all the more seductive.  

A couple of weeks ago, one of these very distinctive tee markers, was on the auction block at Green Jacket Auctions, a company specialized in the authentication, appraisal and auctioning of golf antiques and collectibles. 

With a starting bid of $50.00, Lot 426: Ladies Tee Marker from Deepdale Golf Club, sold for just $69.00 at the 2014 Winter Holiday Auction.  I discovered the auction after it had closed, much to my dismay, but will be on the lookout for this… and other… unique golf collectibles in the future. 

The next Green Jacket Auction takes place from March 25, to April 11. In the meantime catch founders Ryan Carey and Bob Zefian on Back9Network, where the original series, Golf Treasures, highlights their experiences in the fascinating world of golf memorabilia. 

Add Warmth to Your Golf Wardrobe With Marsala; 2015 Color of the Year

Check my inspiration board, Marsala Plays Golf  on Polyvore for ideas on how to bring this warm color to the course    

Move over Radiant Orchid, Marsala is here.

Pantone 18-1438, Marsala, was recently declared the 2015 Color of the Year by world wide color authority, PANTONE®.

As a result we can expect to see a distinct warming trend in the colors that surround us; everything from fashion, to media, to industrial design and home decor, will be taking on the rich, earthy tones of a fortified red wine… and the fairways and greens of the world’s golf courses are no exception.

Just as Radiant Orchid,  the outgoing COY made its golf apparel mark in 2014 ( Nike, Poodle JoFit, Daily Sports ) Marsala is sure to figure in 2015 collections, but while the former was distinctly modern; an icy-bright shade of pinkish purple, this year’s choice is somewhat more, shall we say, muted. Some have called Marsala old-fashioned, dull… even… icky.

Well as my French husband often says, “les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas” which roughly translated means, “individual preferences for taste and color are totally subjective”, and to that end Marsala also has no shortage of fans…and besides you don’t need to transform your entire wardrobe… or decor… to partake of the year’s trendiest hue. Marsala fits into numerous color palettes as a perfect compliment.

I see Marsala on the golf course with a color palette that includes burgundy, coral, navy and taupe… but that’s just one of many that work. See what you can do with Marsala. After all it’s color of the year for the next 12 months, you may as well have some fun with it.

Young Indian Golfers Welcome a Global Field to The Women’s Indian Open

The “Indian Challenge” striving to win at the Hero Woman’s Indian Open               photos via    

The Hero Women’s Indian Open will take place from December 4th through 6th at the historic Delhi Golf Club.  In addition to a stellar global field including players from 25 countries, a strong contingent of Indian golfers will be competing.

In India, golf is growing at a steady pace with Indian men increasingly making their mark in International events.

Women’s golf is also growing in India, having come into its own over the past decade.  The Women’s Golf Association of India (WGAI), founded in 2005, has been empowering young players to build their competitive skills, while the Hero Women’s Indian Open, established in 2007, provides a perfect platform for young home-grown golfers to test ttheir skills against top players from around the world.

The “Indian Challenge” promises to be stronger than ever this year, with several young players poised to win.  Among them,  the spotlight is shining particularly brightly on:

Sharmila Nicollet,  She’s already made a name for herself at home and around the world, becoming the youngest golfer to win the All India Ladies Amateur Championship, and the youngest Indian golfer to qualify for the Ladies European Tour.

Gauri Monga, after an impressive 5th place finish as an amateur in 2013, this 21year-old is making her professional debut at this year’s Women’s Indian Open… with home course advantage.

Vani Kapoor, She’s a multiple Hero Women’s Golf Tour winner coming off of a dream season and currently leading the Hero Order of Merit.

For regular updates on the Hero Women’s Indian Open, in depth information on Indian golfers and informed, entertaining insight on golf in India I highly recommend .  You’ll find exclusive articles and interviews, original videos and the latest news from the rapidly evolving world of Indian golf.