The Symposium on Affordable Golf: Taking On Golf’s Biggest Challenges

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For the past three years a diverse group comprised of teaching professionals, golf business people and recreational golfers have met at Southern Pines Golf Club for the Symposium on Affordable Golf, a two day event focused on preserving the health and sustainability of the game.

The 2013 gathering will take place on October 28th – 29th and will feature outstanding speakers from all walks of golf. As in past years, the Symposium is open to anyone with a connection to golf and/or a concern for its future …and it’s free.

I’ve written about the Symposium on Affordable Golf... and its exceptional founder, Richard Mandell...  in the past, and though I haven’t yet been able to attend the event, I hope to eventually change that.  In the meantime the Symposium website has videos of each year’s talks. The topics are timely and the exchange of ideas allows one to look at golf’s challenges from a variety of different perspectives, which make them well worth watching.

Information about attending the Symposium on Affordable Golf is on their website.

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