Fashion Meets Function In A Junior Golfer’s Innovative Accessories

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Hannah Dupay, The 10-Year-Old Founder of Goodie Girl Golf

A 10-year-old junior golfer from Boise, Idaho, has found an innovative… and stylish… solution to the frustration of elusive ball markers.

Hannah Dupay, who’s been playing competitive golf since 2011, was exasperated by ball markers that tended to disappear during a round. She and her peers are not fans of caps or visors, so their markers mainly ended up in pockets… where they were difficult to retrieve when needed.

But instead of accepting the inconvenience and/or lamenting it Ms. Dupay came up with a rather fabulous fix: Goodie Girl Golf Ball Markers are multi-chromatic magnetic markers that attach to a fashionable line of hair accessories, keeping them easily accessible at all times.

So the enterprising young golfer launched Goodie Girl Golf LLC and is now manufacturing and selling her unique products to the delight of other lady golfers who’ve been looking for pretty and practical way to keep their markers from going missing.

Goodie Girl Golf has a fresh, fashion-forward website, where you can peruse the products and find out more about the youthful founder.  They also have a Facebook page and Twitter presence as well as a blog.  Plus they have plans to present the Goodie Girl line at the the PGA Merchandise Show in early 2014.  That’s an impressive set of accomplishments for an entrepreneur of any age and for Hannah Dupay, I have a feeling it’s only the beginning.

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