Lexus Champions for Charity – A Superlative Experience In Every Way

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Overwhelmed. These days, more often than not, it's a word with negative connotations. One tends to think of endless office workloads, the eternal demands of domestic chores… or the snow that just won't stop falling.

However, there's another side to the word that's anything but negative: I'm talking about the side associated with awe and wonderment… and happily that's the overwhelmed I'm confronting right now at the 2013 Lexus Champions for Charity event
When the venue is Pebble Beach, the sponsor is Lexus and the activities are all about golf, charity and conviviality, the results are going to be one unforgettable experience after another …and for that reason my posts here may well be somewhat spare these next few days, however I'll surely be sharing on the social networks, and upon my return to snowbound CT on Sunday evening I promise I'll fill in all the blanks. As a super-brief synopsis of what I've done so far though, how about this: 


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