Mario Golf: Super Rush – Beginner’s Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

Mario Golf: Super Rush brings the classic Nintendo golf experience to the Nintendo Switch. Here are some tips and tricks for Mario Golf beginners.

Mario Golf: Super Rush, brings the classic golf game to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is widely known for its first-party titles that combine recognizable characters with fun for all ages. Mario has no shortage of starring roles in Nintendo’s games, but sometimes, he shares the spotlight with his friends, enemies, and robot water jetpacks from the Mushroom Kingdom. Along with immensely popular party games like the Mario Party and Mario Kart series, Mario sports games allow players to hop into a casual game session using their favorite Nintendo characters.

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Mario Golf games have been around since 1999, when the original title released on the Nintendo 64. Players became enamored with the fantastical golf gameplay of Mario Golf that combines realistic mechanics with over-the-top game modes and ridiculous scenarios. However, players new to the Mario Golf series may need some tips & tricks to get started. Here’s a Mario Golf: Super Rush guide for beginners.

Beginner’s Guide for Mario Golf: Super Rush (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

First things first, aside from various items that can alter performance, and there are five stats players can utilize to customize their golfer:

  • Power determines how far a golfer can hit the ball.
  • Stamina determines how quickly stamina drains while running.
  • Speed determines how fast players can run.
  • Control determines how straight the ball flies when hit.
  • Spin determines how much control players have over the ball during flight.

It’s a good idea to hop into practice mode at first to get used to the controls in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Once players have figured out a comfortable play style, maintaining the proper stat counts is essential. Make sure to pay attention to play habits to gauge which stats are most useful. For instance, if a player tends to want to hit the ball as far as possible, it’s a good idea to invest points in the “power” stat.

Even though Mario Golf games aren’t as realistic as other golf titles, there are still a few things to keep track of while hitting the ball. The power meter is straightforward, the higher up on the meter, the farther the ball will go. However, Super Rush introduces a caveat with maximum power shots: shift. If players hit the top of the power meter (in between the red triangles) there is a random chance the ball will shift to the left or right in midair. This means it’s a good idea to stay under the red triangles when hitting a long shot, just in case the maximum power shot ends up shifting. The ball may not go as far, but there’s a much better chance of controlling a less powerful shot.

Players can also control the trajectory of the ball by taking note of the lie and the wind. A small arrow on the HUD shows the direction and strength of the wind, and a slope indicator pops up when the ball has an uneven lie. A grid indicating slope shows blue squares for a more even lie and red squares for a steep lie. Adjusting shots according to lie and wind takes a bit of time to perfect but results in a huge payoff.

Lastly, beginners in Mario Golf: Super Rush will want to learn how to spin the ball in midair. By spinning the ball left, right, forward, or backward, players can land shots with significant precision. To put a spin on the ball, players select the desired spot on the power gauge and then use the left stick to aim and shape the shot. This feature can be useful for getting around obstacles such as trees. Topspin and backspin also play important roles during a swing, as topspin rolls the ball forward when it lands, and backspin rolls it backward. By double-tapping A when selecting a spot on the power meter, a topspin is applied. Double-tapping B on the power meter applies a backspin. Whether it’s a massive drive or a short chip, utilizing spin is a feature to always keep in mind in every one of Mario Golf: Super Rush‘s four game modes.

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Mario Golf: Super Rush is available on Nintendo Switch.

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