Pantone Color Of The Year 2018 & Ultra Violet Golf Fashion

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Female Golfers With Social Media Savvy: Pitch to Play With Team Poodle

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Enter the PoodlePitch Contest to win a 10-Piece Golf Wardrobe!

Our innovative partner, Poodle is holding the first ever Poodle Pitch Contest!

Known for distinctive fairway fashions that combine athletic functionality with cosmopolitain chic, Poodle is a global golf apparel company and a dedicated supporter of women’s golf. They regularly sponsor women’s professional golf events as well as a roster of Poodle Pros and… the Russian National Women’s Golf Team.

This year, for the first time Poodle is looking to add five recreational golfers… one from each of five countries… to the team.

The PoodlePitch Contest is open to female golfers 18 and over, who play at least 12 rounds a year. There are no handicap requirements but contestants need to reside in The Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK or the US. Those chosen will win a 10 piece golf wardrobe from the PoodleGolf online store.  The contest has a unique social media sharing component that will be fun and inspiring for socially networked golfers.

Entries will be accepted through May 1, and full details… plus the entry form… can be found on the PoodlePitch page. So… if you’re a social media savvy woman who plays golf… prepare your pitch! Team Poodle is looking forward to welcoming its new members.

JP Hayes: The most honest golfer in the world? Or just plain crazy?

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A few years ago I penned a column opining on the primary difference between male and female golfers. In my view, it’s pretty simple: men cheat more.

In light of recent events concerning one J.P. Hayes, I take it all back.

If you’ve been living unde…