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Cancel That Bus Pass

Elementary My dear Wa… Oh do shut up…


We love Tom Watson, always have, always will. He could have turned up and shot 90
yesterday and we would still have kneeled at his feet and listened to his stories,
but that he shot 65 makes us want to take him as a surrogate IGWT Grandpa.

Showing Tiger et al that the way to play links is with accuracy and cunning, he rolled
back the years and made us dream of him lifting the Claret Jug on sunday. We hope
he does, but as he turns 60 on Sept 4th and has earned over $20 million in his career,
we reckon he should spend the next 6 weeks filling his boots.

Things that Castle Cover think you HAVE to do before you hit the big 6-0…

1. Come out of the closet.

2. Wash your neighbour’s car.

3. Give away something precious.

4. Go barefoot for a day.

5. Go to a festival.

6. Draw a self-portrait.

7. Swim with Dolphins.

Tom says: "So they want me to be a gay, philanthropic, barefoot lentil
eating hippie? I’ll stick to golf, but you could try J…."

Lawyer says: "Tom didn’t say any of this, they made it up."

for the full list…

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