From Sports Equipment To Camping Gear, Check Out This Massive 4th Of July Sale

Whether it’s items to help your golf game, merchandise to make your outdoor grilling experience better or an umbrella to keep you cool in the heat, we’ve got a collection of items sure to kick-start your summer. The savings on these deals are phenomenal, including some discounts as much as 68 percent off on these entertainment deals for the summer.

Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner — $159.95

Aerial is a 6-pound carry-on bag with 360-degree spinner wheels, a separate laundry compartment, and interior category compartments. This durable piece of luggage will keep you organized on the inside, while being scratch-free and stain resistant on the outside.

For a limited time, get the Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner for $159.99 (reg. $298), a savings of 46 percent.

Allergy Test My Pet Kit — $69.99

This kit was designed as an affordable and easy-to-use pet sensitivity test to help you discover the factors that may be impacting your dog’s health. It measures the proteins in your dog’s sample, and will report on more than 100 items that could be affecting your dog.

For a limited time, get the Allergy Test My Pet Kit for $69.99 (reg. $99), a savings of 29 percent.

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test — $50

Swab your dog’s cheek, mail in the DNA sample, and in two weeks or less you’ll get  a detailed report breaking down your dog’s personality traits, DNA composition, breed mix, predisposition to disease, and much more. It’s a painless way to find out all kinds of details about your pet..

For a limited time, get the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test for $50 (reg. $79), a savings of 37 percent.

ABXCORE: Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer — $136.95

ABXCORE is compact device designed to be used just about anywhere. You can use it while sitting in a chair, lying on a mat at the gym, or anywhere you can sit or lay. With different workout positions, it isolates various muscle groups and equalizing core strength among them.

For a limited time, get the ABXCORE: Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer for $136.95 (reg. $179), a savings of 23 percent.

TREELAB HD7: Compact 360-Degree HD Bluetooth Speaker — $49.99

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can go anywhere and give you up to 25 hours of play before needing a charge. It features 360-degree surround sound, Bluetooth 4.2 technology, and IPX6 water resistance.

For a limited time, get the TREELAB HD7: Compact 360-Degree HD Bluetooth Speaker for $49.99 (reg. $79), a savings of 37 percent.

Portable Cordless Automatic Hair Curler — $49.99

Curl your hair without being tied to a power outlet with the cordless device.  It can be used on any length hair, thick or fine, and can do everything from waves to tight curls. It’s lightweight allowing you to use it in the car, office or anywhere you need a quick touch-up.

For a limited time, get the Portable Cordless Automatic Hair Curler for $49.99 (reg. $59), a savings of 16 percent.

PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick — $179

Portable and easy to set up anywhere, Phigolf WGT Edition is an entertaining golf simulator where you control the gameplay with your real swing. Featuring a state-of-the-art sensor and swing, this immersive game allows you to play at home, the office or anywhere else, no matter the time or weather.

For a limited time, get the PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick for $179 (reg. $249), a savings of 28 percent.

Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator — $359

Exputt is a dynamic putting simulator that has both practice and play modes. This unit reds metrics for putter path trajectory and impact angles and incorporates other elements such as breaks, slopes, green speeds, speed of the ball after impact, and distance with accuracy. 

For a limited time, get the Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator for $359 (reg. $399), using coupon code EXPUTT10 at checkout.

Extended Pop-Up Car Tent — $224.96

The Extended Pop-Up Car Tent extends the size of your car to create a cozy, portable area that is easy to set up no matter where you are. The tent is wide enough to set up a table and chairs, a bed, or a makeshift office in the middle of the wilderness. The mesh windows and doors provide excellent ventilation, good exterior visibility, and a view.

For a limited time, get the Extended Pop-Up Car Tent for $224.96 (reg. $379), a savings of 40 percent.

World’s Finest Outdoor Rocker — $499.99

This rocking chair stands 48 inches tall and is made from premium robinia wood. It features double-contoured seats, front-capped seat slats, a contoured headrest, a double headrest, and the whole thing is waterproof.

For a limited time, get the World’s Finest Outdoor Rocker for $499.99 (reg. $699), a savings of 28 percent.

Fireflower Original Fire Pit and Grill — $259.99

This three-piece kit is perfect for an outdoor cookout, camping, a fishing trip or anywhere you want to set it up. It’s heavy duty and rustproof, and comes with velcro-padded handles and leather gloves. At 34 pounds, it’s both sturdy and lightweight enough to move around..

For a limited time, get the Fireflower Original Fire Pit and Grill for $259.99 (reg. $299), a savings of 13 percent.

The MeatStick X: Wireless Meat Thermometer — $97.99

The MeatStick X is a wireless smart meat thermometer that can calculate the remaining time until the meat is ready. Its dual temperature sensors monitor both the ambient and internal temperature of the meat, and the built-in Bluetooth signal repeater works up to 260 feet away, so you can monitor your cooking from another room. 

For a limited time, get The MeatStick X: Wireless Meat Thermometer for $97.99 (reg. $99), a savings of 1 percent.

Winc Wine Delivery: $165 of Credit for 12 Bottles — $80

This coupon gives you 12 bottles of wine up to a value of $165, Winc uses a palate profile quiz to give you personalized recommendations. The bottles will be curated and delivered to your front door. You can opt in to continue receiving bottles every month.

For a limited time, get the Winc Wine Delivery: $165 of Credit for 12 Bottles for $80 (reg. $165), a savings of 53 percent.

FlashBooth 2.0 Portable Photo Studio (Large) — $55

With FlashBooth, you can take perfect photos wherever you are. Build your own photo studio in just 10 seconds It has two openings so that you can take photos from any angle. Built with 2 LED panels, FlashBooth’s bright white lights eliminate unwanted shadows and reflections. 

For a limited time, get the FlashBooth 2.0 Portable Photo Studio (Large) for $55 (reg. $142), a savings of 61 percent.

Pickup Truck Bed Tent — $279.95

This  Invictus Edge creates a portable cabin that’s easy to set up no matter where you are. It will fit various truck sizes for any of your adventures. It has a large interior area, ample headroom, and has made from superior ripstop grade material.

For a limited time, get the Pickup Truck Bed Tent for $279.95 (reg. $339), a savings of 17 percent..

Smoke Top Cocktail Smoking Kit — $79.99

Bring your cocktails to life with the Middleton Mixology cocktail smoking kit. It features premium food-grade smoking chips in a wide selection of flavors, allowing you to create the perfect mood for any occasion. The raw and natural smoking chips are enticing, while the deep  flavor will make you want more..

For a limited time, get the Smoke Top Cocktail Smoking Kit for $79.99 (reg. $89), a savings of 11 percent.

Sonicsmooth 2-in-1 Dermaplaning and Exfoliation Device — $69

This 2-in-1  facial exfoliation and anti-aging device are designed with technology that gives you 15,000 movements per minute. It quickly removes unwanted facial hair, and exfoliates dead skin cells to improve the look of enlarged pores, and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, and dullness in a safe, way.

For a limited time, get the Sonicsmooth 2-in-1 Dermaplaning and Exfoliation Device for $69 (reg. $99), using coupon code SONICS30 at checkout.

Rolo Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag — $34.99

Rolo is a compression bag, a suitcase, a wardrobe and an organizer all in one. , You can put your shirts, pants, underwear, and socks inside, then roll it up to compress everything down. The hanging hook can be hung anywhere.

For a limited time, get the Rolo Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag for $34.99 (reg. $49), a savings of 30 percent.

Trufflin Black Truffle Infused Siracha Hot Sauce with Real Black Truffles in Limited Edition Gift Box — $34

This hot sauce blends premium fermented chili peppers, savory spices, hibiscus, and cold-pressed olive oil, then gets infused with real black truffles. The 17-ounce bottle has no added sugar and is produced with all-natural ingredients.

For a limited time, get the Trufflin Black Truffle Infused Siracha Hot Sauce with Real Black Truffles in Limited Edition Gift Box for $34 (reg. $39), a savings of 13 percent.

Trufflin 4-Piece VIP Gift Set — $110

Turn any meal into a gourmet item with the four items in this set. You’ll get 8 ounces of black truffle oil, 8 ounces of black truffle siracha, 3.5 ounces of truffle gourmet salt, and 2.26 ounces of truffle provencal honey.  It’s all vegan, gluten-free and Keto-friendly.

For a limited time, get the Trufflin 4-Piece VIP Gift Set for $110 (reg. $125), a savings of 12 percent.

Car Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella — $24.99

This umbrella-style sunshade fits snuggly to your windshield with one easy motion. Its silver coating surface and multilayer process reduces the temperature in the car during the summer heat, preventing damage and aging to the interior. It comes with an attached velcro to wrap around the closed umbrella and slide into the bag for easy storage..

For a limited time, get the Car Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella for $24.99 (reg. $79), a savings of 68 percent.

AnySharp Chef Pro Sharpener — $24

This sharpener works on virtually any knife, including hardened steel knives and even serrated blades. It uses a PowerGrip suction cup base, which attaches securely to any smooth surface or worktop without the need for any tools, and a polymer guiding top.

For a limited time, get the AnySharp Chef Pro Sharpener for $24 (reg. $29), a savings of 17 percent.

Prices subject to change.


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