Grieving family of ‘Anxiety Bloke’ host memorial golf competition for men’s mental health

Golfers teed-off in memory of a tragic blogger whose social media posts on his mental health struggles touched the lives of his followers everywhere.

The charity game at Braemar Golf Club was in memory of Bradley Allan, known fondly as Anxiety Bloke.

The inspirational blogger and author who helped thousands with their mental health died unexpectedly on May 9.

His grieving family staged the golf event to raise funds for charities in the north east that work with men struggling with anxiety.

With the help of Braemar Golf Course, they invited more than 70 golfers to take part in the course’s first-ever par-three open competition on Saturday.

Little support locally

Mr Allan’s wife Melanie Pirie said: “When we were looking to find a place to distribute the money, there is actually very little up in the north-east that is specifically for men’s mental health.

“We don’t want anyone else to have to go through what we are going through. He is a great loss and he was hugely unique. You’ll never meet another man like Bradley.”

Mr Allan was a car and fitness enthusiast who spoke openly about his battle with anxiety and his willingness to help others in the same boat.

His sudden death came as a blow and he has left his mark.

“We want to spare others’

Ms Pirie said: “It is important to us as a family that there is more awareness for men’s mental health.

“Bradley was obviously a big advocate through his book and blog and it was something that was very close to him. We were married for 16-years and it became a huge part of our marriage.

“Progressively, his mental health got worse and worse, and it became an even bigger part of all of our lives.”


Continuing Bradley’s mission

Bradley Allan

Mr Allan’s family have taken up Anxiety Bloke’s mantle and are planning to set up a foundation or a charity.

Ms Pirie added: “Bradley would always have good advice for others, but he was terrible at taking his own advice.

“Setting up a foundation in Bradley’s name where we can pool resources and think about where they can help the most has crossed my mind.

“From personal experience, I know how this can affect an entire family. You can go from being on top of the world to walking on eggshells.

“I think it is something we shall look into doing to see if we can make things better for anyone who needs it.

“For me personally, the help wasn’t there. It is obviously difficult right now but there needs to be more help out there, especially for men.”

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