Sabres lower asking price on Jack Eichel; does that move the needle for the Rangers?

The Buffalo Sabres have lowered their asking price on injured superstar, Jack Eichel. I noted that this was the case back on June 28th based on limited but reliable information. At the time, teams that were rumored interested were quickly dropping out of the running, like the Kings and Blue Jackets.

Yesterday, in Elliotte Friedman’s latest podcast he noted the demand has indeed dropped.

Sabres lower Jack Eichel asking price

“I give Buffalo some credit on this. Buffalo has been very good lately on keeping secrets,” Friedman explained of their handling of a Jack Eichel trade. “They are not letting anyone see Eichel’s medical unless you are legit in it.”

Access is only being granted to teams that are making an offer.

“I heard the price on Eichel is high,” Friedman noted. “It’s not as high as it was before but it’s still high. And it’s young. Your best prospects and picks.”

When news initially broke out that Eichel was on the block, the rumored ask was in the form of four first round picks. Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports clarified.

“If they trade him they want four pieces that are first round picks,” he said. “Or players that are playing if not in the NHL or elsewhere like the NCAA – that were first round picks and are having success and not struggling.”

No team in their right mind is going to give up four first round picks for any player not named Connor McDavid. Remember, it’s a negotiation and the seller starts high so this isn’t a surprise. One team source I spoke with stated that no one is going to give Buffalo what they are asking for Eichel. Who at the time was not injured.

The first crack in the Sabres armor

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