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The fusion of data and sports is getting stronger year by year. While football is littered with statistics on distance traveled, expected goals, and successful tackles, technologies such as DRS are deeply rooted in the cricket experience, and data analysis is critical for golfers looking for the perfect swing. It has become. Like many other industries, sports are embracing digital transformation and are increasingly dependent on data to achieve this.

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Lauren Snowman, Vice President of Sports Technology at NTT DATA UK.

In particular, there is clear evidence of the impact of the data on player performance. Success in sports at the highest levels often relies on minimal improvement, so it’s no wonder athletes look to the data to be competitive. This is seen in countless sports, but stands out from the crowd due to the data-rich nature of golf. AI technology is used to make step-by-step improvements that allow players to reach the top of the game, from minimal changes in swing motion to weight distribution during shots. Perhaps more than any other sport, golf success depends on the highest margins, so it’s not surprising to see players embracing the potential of data analysis.

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