New Ben Hogan irons and wedges seek to recapture historic prominence

The first club I ever owned was a sawed-off Ben Hogan 7-iron that my grandpa gave me. That name on the back of the club seemed magical, maybe because I couldn't yet read cursive. It seems that ever since those days, the A href="" rel…

Summer golf gifts: Just because!

Indi Golf StingRay TT Wedges: Cult non-conforming wedges now in USGA conforming versions

I've always been pretty darn good friends with my wedges. Several years watching the likes of Phil Mickelson and a few other Tour pros perform slight-of-hand magic around the greens have instilled in me the joy of short-game practice.

But I've got so…

SmartGolf’s Smart Putter brings laser-precision to your putting stroke

There are a lot of ways to deliver the golf club to the ball. As long as the club face is square though impact, though, the shot will likely be good.

Same goes for putting. These past decades have seen an explosion of putter styles and putting stroke…

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The life and times of Seve Ballesteros

A look at the life and times of one of the most exciting golfers ever to play the game – Spain’s Seve Ballesteros.

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Tom Watson

Tom Watson is one of golf’s greatest ever players and also one of the game’s gentlemen.

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Tajma Brown – Multifaceted, Mid-Atlantic PGA Works Fellow

Observing Tajma Brown on a golf course, you might think she’d grown up with the game. Whether she’s manning a busy tournament registration desk or updating a scoreboard with her distinctively delicate calligraphy, she looks quite at home on the links. Until a couple of years ago though, golf wasn’t even on her radar.

In fact, growing up in Wilmington, DE Tajma Brown was a voracious reader, and by the time she reached high school, a three-sport athlete.  Golf, needless to say, was not one of the three.

Tajma’s sports were track & field, cheerleading, and basketball. When in her junior year, Tajma had the opportunity to become manager of the boy’s varsity and JV basketball teams. She took it, and that’s where her trajectory changed. She quickly realized that the management side of sports was where she wanted to be. So she started looking for schools that had great

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Sam Snead

The holder of the record for most career victories is the legendary Sam Snead, one of the most honorable golfers.

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Sheraton Bay Point Resort in Panama City Beach: 36 holes on the Emerald Coast

The Florida panhandle boasts miles and miles of sugary beaches and some of the bluest water in the gulf. Panama City Beach is located close to the center of the panhandle, and thanks to its relatively close driving proximity to most Southern cities (and…

Topgolf brings golf to the masses, and the masses to golf

The new Golf Channel show ShotMakers piqued my interest in the whiz-bang venue at which the game is played: Topgolf.

If you haven't heard of or been to a Topgolf facility, you don't know what you're missing – even if you don't love golf. (If you d…

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones was golf’s greatest amateur. Known for his sportsmanship and honesty, he left an amazing legacy.

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History of golf balls and golf clubs

The evolution of equipment is part of the fascinating story of golf. We take a look at the history of golf clubs and golf balls.

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Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan played the game of golf as well, if not better than it had been played before or since.

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The origins and history of golf

The game of golf has a long and proud, not to mention captivating history. Learn all about the origins and history of golf

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Lamkin introduces three new grips TODAY

Chances are, you should change your grips. I know that I've been cleaning mine now for a couple of years, trying to squeeze every last big of tackiness out of them before switching, but it's definitely time.

Fortunately, Lamkin has just today introdu…

Gary Player

He’s one of the best players to ever live, having earned over 100 titles in various tours throughout his career including 9 majors.

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Jack Nicklaus – The Golden Bear

Jack Nicklaus is perhaps the greatest golfer that the game has ever known, holding the record for the most majors won.

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