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How to Master Golf Basics

How to Learn a Proper Golf Swing. When learning to swing a golf club so that your shots go long and straight, there are several things that you must do correctly.

Golf Swing Basics

Learning the golf swing can be overwhelming. Start with the basics of the golf swing first. Here’s where you need to spend your time.

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Stance & Posture

Once you’ve got your aim finished, the stance is what you’ll need to do next. As you set up to the golf ball, your feet ought to be about shoulder width apart with a little knee bend, but not like other sports.

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Join, Experience and Learn

It’s said that golf is the greatest game ever played… but why? Maybe because it’s the ultimate test of the body and mind. It’s calming, challenging, rewarding, and frustrating all at the same time. It can beat you up, have you cussing the game, just to fall back in love with it an few minutes later. But at the end of it all, it’s a beautiful game.

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