Blogger Cheap Bastard lost at sea; good bye old friend

It is with much sadness that I report the news that blogger Cheap Bastard has apparently perished, after the boat he was traveling on to Zimbabwe was attacked by pirates.

Cheap Bastard, whose real name was Percy Ramirez-Epstein, reporte…

John Daly joins as new blogger

Hey everyone, long time, no see. Which is truly a terrible faux pas on my part, as golf bloggers have been taking it up a notch all year long with incredible opinions and coverage. And now, even John Daly has his own blog.


Tiger Woods, Rocco Mediate in U.S. Open playoff has golf bloggers in a frenzy

Could there be a better world for simple and loyal golf bloggers than having World No. 1 Tiger Woods facing emotional favorite Rocco Mediate in a U.S. Open playoff round? It's like a special gift hath been bestowed upon us all. So here's what golf blogge…

A new Las Vegas Golf podcast and some golf girls graduate to Golf for Women

So much happening on the golf blogosphere radar these days it's hard to keep up with! Dave Berner has a new podcast that all should take a listen to, and a couple of my favorite ladies in the golf world are doing their thing for a national magazine!…

Buick blowout for Tiger Woods has golf bloggers buzzing

Tiger Woods is off to another roaring start, and golf bloggers are having their say about the world's No. 1 player, from whether he'll win the Grand Slam to his place in the stars.

The Armchair Golfer writes about the two different Torrey Pi…

PGA Merchandise Show gets a boost from golf bloggers

The PGA Merchandise Show is once again dominating the golf headlines, and that's because golf bloggers are helping! Here's some news, pictures and videos from the big golf show in Orlando, Fla.

The Hooked on Golf Blog has a ton of fantastic vi…

Kelly Tilghman’s comments have golf bloggers in a frenzy

Well, there has definitely been some controversy in the world of golf lately! Kelly Tilghman's remark about how young golfers should lynch Tiger Woods in the back alley has gotten everyone's attention, especially golf bloggers! Here's what some of them a…

Deck the halls with golf balls – Golf bloggers chime in with Christmas cheer

Oh, it's Christmas time and cheer is in the air! Especially for golf bloggers, who know a few things about golf gifts and are willing to share their hard-earned knowledge with you!

Yes, Monopoly has a golf version. If you think that your favor…

Carolyn Bivens gets paid while golf blogger flees alligator

We’ve got a great variety of topics being bounced around the blogosphere as golf bloggers eagerly await the start of the 2008 campaign. Here’s what a few of them are saying:

  • Say what you will about Carolyn Bivens, but the LPGA Commissioner sure knows how to get paid, reports Geoff Shakelford.

  • Brandon Tucker has decided he no longer believes that golfers should walk – after encountering a 12-foot alligator.

  • The Deep Rough takes a look at AboutGolf Simulators.

  • Don’t give Andrew at OobGolf a golf T-shirt this holiday season. You’ve been warned.

  • The Hireko Golf Blog will help you decide whether a new square driver is for you or not.

  • The Artful Golfer is looking for some balance in his life after spending the last two years golfing like crazy.

  • Eagle Par Birdie says all evidence points that improved mechanics have helped ball flight through the years as much or more than improved equipment.

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Would Tiger Woods have dominated using old equipment among questions golf bloggers want answered

Sure, the pros may call it silly season, but golf bloggers from top to bottom are keeping a tight schedule as they discuss everyone from Tiger Woods to their own golf games.

  • Would Tiger Woods have dominated in years past with the older equipment? That’s what Mulligan is asking at The Golf Blog.

  • Luke Swilor didn’t have the season he wanted in 2007, so now is the time to forget about him … Just kidding, Luke! We’re always behind our favorite golfing blogger, and we were thrilled to see his recent update where he lets you know how he copes with the snow and talks about how excited he is for 2008.

  • If anyone can understand Luke’s plight it’s the Golf Chick. Seems Kristen didn’t have the year she hoped for and is planning to get her game back on track in 2008.

  • Geoff Shackelford gives us a rundown of Golf Digest’s picks for the best new courses of 2007.

  • Our friend Larry Olmsted at USA Today is taking his shots at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation. With guns, golf and booze, Olmsted gives this Georgia resort some high praise.

  • Bill Wolfrum is back from a road trip that taught him about golf in France, as well as how to predict NFL scores, it appears.

  • Mike at Perform Better Golf posts about feeling more at home on the golf course.

  • Quick, head over to and see if you can win yourself a free wedge from Feel Golf by answering today’s question.

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Golf bloggers and others reporting on Southern California fires

Sadly, wildfires are destroying a great deal of land and homes throughout Southern California with reportedly up to 700 homes lost. Here are some blogs reporting on the fires, particularly in relation to golf courses.

While this is a golf site and we’d like to hear about any damage to Southern California golf courses, we know that’s a minor concern at the matter for so many affected by these horrible fires. So please feel free to leave any comments, thoughts or information in comments.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Southern California or has family in affected areas during this frightening time. Good luck to all of you.


Golf bloggers ask: Tiger Woods or Lorena Ochoa? Plus, Luke Swilor and fried eggs

Brandon Tucker may be calling it silly season, but for bloggers all around the Web, golf is still in full swing.

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Tiger Woods gossip and a Golf Girl unleashes her videos

Who says that this time of year is slow for golf news? Not golf bloggers, that’s for sure.

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Presidents Cup has golf bloggers hitting winning shots

The Presidents Cup is history and the U.S. came home champions. Needless to say, golf bloggers had plenty to say after an entertaining weekend of play.

  • Robert Thompson reports that the International team didn’t feel that they truly had the home course advantage at Royal Montreal.

  • Golf for Beginners say that Mike Weir proved Tiger Woods is human, though Chris Baldwin thinks the Canadians need to tone down the Weir celebration. Still, the Golf Blog says to give Weir some credit.

  • Golf Blogger says it was the foursomes that sunk the International side in the end.

  • Hooked on Golf Blog has a news flash: The Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup are not the same thing.

  • Even Par Round thinks Scott Verplank made Tom Lehman’s decision to underutilize him at the Ryder Cup look silly.

  • The PGA Punter has nothing but praise for Phil Mickelson.

  • OobGolf agrees with Jack Nicklaus that it would be interesting to see the Presidents Cup make its way to Asia eventually.

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From the President’s Cup, to drug testing and golf equipment, these bloggers have it covered

Golf bloggers are running amok lately it seems and touching all the bases. Here’s what some of them have been saying about everything from the PGA Tour, the President’s Cup, Ping, and much more.

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