Pantone Color Of The Year 2018 & Ultra Violet Golf Fashion

A Stylish Golfer's Winter Essentials

The much anticipated early December announcement pronouncement has come; Ultra Violet, a deep, blue-purple shade is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018 . 

Purple, it must be said, can be polarizing. Research from a myriad of market researchers and assorted color scientists (yes, color scientists are a thing) show that while men tend to dislike the hue, women have a clear propensity for purple. Hence we can assume there may be some disaccord along gender lines when it comes to Ultra Violet, however, early reaction has been surprisingly positive. It’s been referred to as counterculture… but also as regal… both in the same blurb. That might say something about its eventual universality. 

In any case I can already testify to the fact that Ultra Violet lends itself very well to fairway fashion, and I look forward to seeing a lot Continue reading “Pantone Color Of The Year 2018 & Ultra Violet Golf Fashion”

Pantone Color Of The Year 2018 & Ultra Violet Golf Fashion

A Threesome on the 4th – Golf Outfit Inspiration for Indpendence Day

A Threesome on the 4th
July 4th Golf Fashion Inspiration – Styles from EPNY, Greg Norman, Polo Golf, PUMA, Jamie Sadock, and more.  TheGolfGirl via Polyvore

It’s an iconic combination to be sure, with red representing hardiness and valor, while white evokes purity and innocence. Then there’s blue, for vigilance and justice. 

That explanation makes it’s easy to understand why the red, white and blue color palette is so powerful. 

Here in the US, where flags fly proudly throughout the year, there’s a special place for the patriotic color scheme in summer. From Memorial Day at the end of May to Labor Day in early September our streets, homes and public buildings are resplendent in red, white and blue.

So, heading into the Independence Day weekend, it’s a perfect time to show your colors on the golf course. With so many stellar designers doing golf apparel these days, the choices are endless.  Happy 4th of July.

A Threesome on the 4th – Golf Outfit Inspiration for Indpendence Day

Golf deserves better than this piss poor piece of journalism

If you need evidence as to why professional athletes get annoyed with journalists (a minority I hasten to add), then this is exhibit A.
The Sydney Morning Herald's Editor-in-Chief Sean Aylmer, wrote this gob-smacking piece of tripe this week about a recent interview with Greg Norman. I've been sitting on it for a few days unsure of whether I should give it any more publicity but it's annoyed me so much that I need to get it off my chest.

"My recollection is slightly hazy here. Did the opening of the door knock my shoulder?  It doesn’t really matter. In midstream my body shifted. Momentarily, I found myself pissing all over Norman’s trophy."

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Golf deserves better than this piss poor piece of journalism

If you need evidence as to why professional athletes get annoyed with journalists (a minority I hasten to add), then this is exhibit A.
The Sydney Morning Herald's Editor-in-Chief Sean Aylmer, wrote this gob-smacking piece of tripe this week about a recent interview with Greg Norman. I've been sitting on it for a few days unsure of whether I should give it any more publicity but it's annoyed me so much that I need to get it off my chest.

"My recollection is slightly hazy here. Did the opening of the door knock my shoulder?  It doesn’t really matter. In midstream my body shifted. Momentarily, I found myself pissing all over Norman’s trophy."

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Presidents Cup – Top 10 Spots Set, Ryo Fans Rejoice

The automatics are in, with ten of the 12 spots on both the international and US teams set… and here they are.  It’s now up to the captains to make their two picks.  In fact, US captain Fred Couples has already confirmed that one of his two will be Tiger Woods, leaving room for just one more US player… and it seems that pick is still very much up in the air.  “We still have another week, but

Norman: “I think it was the best theatre I’ve seen”

Greg Norman was watching the US Masters this morning, obviously keen to see if one of the young Aussies can delete the memory of his past failures at Augusta National. He was reportedly texting back and forth with his son, agonising over every shot.
After Jason Day and Adam Scott put another second place finish into the annals of history for Australians at the US Masters, Norman immediately got on the phone to express his commiserations and tell them how proud he was of their golf.
“I think it was the best theatre I’ve seen,” Norman said. “And I’ve been involved in some there. It really captured my attention.”
Norman rang Geoff Ogilvy leaving a message and also managed to get hold of Adam Scott and Jason Day. As a man who can relate to finishing second at the US Masters, the call would have been well appreciated.
“I told them I was so proud of them,” he said. “I told them to keep their heads high and keep moving forward.”

Greg Norman’s very own Top 10 golf courses

Golf Vacations

The latest issue of Golf Vacations magazine has a great article written by Greg Norman. He is one of the world’s leading golf course designers and has now completed 74 courses worldwide with another 35 projects  currently under way.
In the article he talks about his top ten favourite golf courses he has designed. I was particularly amazed at the extent of his courses. In the article are courses from Australia, Ireland, USA, Mexico and China. The three Aussie golf courses are Ellerston, The National Moonah Links and Brookwater Golf Club
Golf Vacations
He also rates Eastern Golf Club (Vic) and The Dunes Port Hughes (SA) as his favourites in Australia under construction. 

Check out the January issue of Golf Vacations which is out now for the full list – which includes a 36-page Presidents Cup supplement. Here’s what he had to say Brookwater:
This site was full of tall, mature gum trees and native vegetation that we strategically used to frame the golf holes. When you play the course, you will feel as though you are on a walk through the woods and each hole is isolated from the others. The site offered a series of dramatic ridges and we routed the golf holes to take advantage of these ridges and the dramatic elevation changes. We tried to carve the holes out of these vegetation stands and into several valleys on the course. The scenery here is just fantastic.

Norman and Couples name assistants for 2011 Presidents Cup

Presidents Cup
Jay Haas, Michael Jordan to reprise 2009 roles for U.S. Team; Nobilo back for International Team, with Norman to name second captain’s assistant next year.

Today marked the official countdown to the 2011 Presidents Cup at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Melbourne. Team captains Greg Norman and Fred Couples were around to announce their assistants. 
Greg Norman has gone with Frank Nobilo once again and Fred Couples has also gone with the assistants that helped him win in 2009, Michael Jordan and Jay Haas. 
Yes, that’s right, Michael Jordan. 
“Jay and Michael were instrumental in the U.S. Team’s success in 2009, and I knew as soon as I was asked to be captain again that I would need them both by my side to keep things running smoothly and ensure we have the best chance at retaining the Cup when we get to Melbourne,” said Couples. “Jay has been one of my closest friends in golf for many years, and I really respect his instincts and leadership qualities. Michael is, of course, one of the greatest athletes of all time, and to have a champion like him in the cabin to help motivate and inspire the team is such a tremendous asset. At the end of the day, win or lose, we’re going to have a great time and make sure all the guys have a great Presidents Cup experience.”
Norman said, “Frank has been a friend for so many years, and he was my right-hand man for the 2009 event. I couldn’t have done it without him and I wouldn’t want to do it again if he wasn’t one of my two assistants. He shares with me the ultimate goal of winning The Presidents Cup for the first time since 1998, and what better time and place to do so than when we return to Melbourne for the 2011 event.”
“Being a part of the 2009 Presidents Cup was such a highlight of my career, and I’m thrilled that Fred asked me back as a captain’s assistant for 2011,” said Haas. “I wasn’t a part of the 1998 U.S. Team that went to Melbourne, so I’m really looking forward to making the trip next year and doing all I can to help Fred and the U.S. Team keep the Cup.”
“I can’t wait for the 2011 Presidents Cup,” said Jordan. “I had such a good time in San Francisco with Freddie, Jay and the team back in 2009. I love golf, the team atmosphere and, of course, competition, and to be in the locker room with some of the best golfers on the planet was a great experience. I’m glad to be coming back to help the U.S. Team win in Australia.”
Nobilo, a veteran of several professional golf tours worldwide and a three-time International Presidents Cup Team member, serves as a Golf Channel analyst for the PGA TOUR and studio shows. Nobilo competed for in The Presidents Cup in 1994, 1996 and 1998 and contributed two points to the International Team’s victory in the 1998 event in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
“I will never forget what it felt like in 1998 at Royal Melbourne to be part of the first ever International Team to win The Presidents Cup, and being Greg’s assistant last year rekindled those feelings even more,” said Nobilo. “To be able to combine the knowledge of last year with the memories of ’98 and be given the opportunity to assist the Team in reclaiming The Presidents Cup will be the highlight of my year. I can’t thank Greg enough for this opportunity.”
The Presidents Cup is a biennial event that pits players from the United States and non-European countries in a team, match-play competition. The Presidents Cup 2011 returns to The Royal Melbourne Golf Club, November 17-20, 2011. The 2013 event will be staged at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. The Presidents Cup 2015 will be staged either in South Korea, Japan, India, South Africa or Argentina, which are all now going through a bid process.
The U.S. Team has claimed victory in five of the seven events played since the competition began in 1994 (the 2003 event resulted in a memorable tie when Tiger Woods and Ernie Els dueled into a twilight, sudden-death playoff).

The Presidents Cup web site

Who will win the Australian Open?

Australian Open
The 2010 Australian Open is being held at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney this week and Aussie Golfer will once again be on course to cover the action. It has been overshadowed by Tiger Woods’ presence at the Australian Masters the past two years but I tend to think the field this year is just as good as the Masters. If not better.
The Australian Masters, although claiming to boast one of the best fields ever assembled in Australia, was missing many of Australia’s best golfers. The three internationals in Woods, Garcia and Villegas were of course good value but the timing of the event meant many Aussies were still playing in Europe, Asia or fighting for their US PGA Tour cards.
Missing from the Australian Masters were Scott Strange, Adam Scott, Aaron Baddeley, Nick O’Hern, John Senden, Rod Pampling, Richard Green and Marc Leishman. That is a seriously impressive set of Australian golfers who will be playing at The Lakes this weekend. Add to the mix Michael Sim, Greg Norman, Wenchong Liang, Geoff Ogilvy and Fred Couples and we have a great tournament ahead.
Who can’t win?
Greg Norman won here in 1980 but the course is a shade of its former self. Holes have been rebuilt and redirected, and there is plenty of bunkers and wasteland that would leave Dustin Johnson confused. Unfortunately, Norman will struggle but it would be great to see him in contention again. 
Rod Pampling and Aaron Baddeley won’t be there on Sunday. Rod Pampling has lost his US PGA Tour card after an awful year and Aaron Baddeley has been playing in golfing hell. Peter Senior, Peter Fowler and Rodger Davis are all playing in the event but don’t expect any flashbacks to leaderboard’s of the 80’s with these names on it.
As much as we’d like it, it is hard to see John Daly winning. Especially given his comments admitting to playing better when he was drunk.

So who is going to win?
Adam Scott
2009 Australian Open winner, Adam Scott 
Keep an eye out for John Senden, Andrew Dodt, Alistair Presnell and Rick Kulacz who have all had a good year. Stuart Appleby has a good chance given his fantastic win at the Masters but a fourth addition to the family (making 4 kids under 5-years old) means golf has taken a back seat for a few weeks. 
Don’t rule out Fred Couples. Four wins on the Champions Tour this year and a Top-10 at the US Masters has Freddy playing some great golf. If his back holds up after the long flight, he’s a chance.
Adam Scott is the man though. A recent win at the Singapore Open means Scott’s putter is working and his Open victory last year has thrown the “can’t win in Australia” monkey off his back. He is outright favourite and will be in contention on Sunday afternoon to defend his title.

Through the Green – engagements, DQs and loose cannons

Richard Green. Getty Images

Two more Aussie winners – 5 in three weeks!

Richard Green came from seven shots behind the leader to win the Portugal Masters on the European Tour netting himself €500,000. Former Nationwide Tour player Kim Felton won the China Classic on the Asian Tour, his biggest win of his career.
It has been a great three weeks for Australian golfers. Previously Steven Bowditch and Scott Gardiner won on the Nationwide Tour; and Katherine Hull won on the US LPGA Tour.
This guy really doesn’t know… I’m going to stop. Roy and HG said it best this week on their Triple M show, The Life. Listen here:

Adam Blythe disqualified himself for signing an incorrect scorecard on the weekend. He only realised the day after the final round.
The only problem I have with all this is the way it was reported: “Australia’s Adam Blyth has shown what the game of golf is all about when he disqualified himself…”. We should stop holding golfers who play by the rules up in lights. It is the rules. It is expected. Only cheats should be named.
A Las Vegas newspaper has called Anthony Kim a loose cannon after he was mouthing off at the craps table this week. He’s getting plenty of support for his behaviour in American golf circles but one wonders what the reaction might be if Sergio was involved. Or Robert Allenby for that matter. 

Norman still wants a World Tour

In the mid-1990’s Greg Norman put forward the idea of a World Golf Tour which would have featured the world’s top players in an eight tournament schedule played in the US, Canada, Scotland, Japan and…

Click title to read the full story at Aussie Golfer.

Greg Norman visits Marysville

The Herald Sun have picked up on Greg Norman flying into Marysville to see what he can do to help out with the bushfire redevelopment. Reportedly, Norman organised the trip with fellow…

Click title to see full story at Aussie Golfer.

Scott lets his golf do the talking

A lot of people had a lot to talk about on day three of the Australian Open today, but before anyone could get a word in the king of Australian golf rolled into town as the public face of this year’s tournament. Greg Norman flew in to lend his support to the tournament despite not playing due to recent shoulder surgery.

He talked about his own fitness, world economics and his admiration of James Nitties. He mentioned he thought seriously about picking him for the Presidents Cup but when pressed on on the Tiger affair or yesterday’s green speed debacle his talk was short. Not immune to public scrutiny for personal issues himself he was never going to say anything on the Tiger affair apart from assuring everyone, golf is bigger than one player.

“Golf’s got an image bigger than any individual so that’s not going to affect the game of golf.”

Geoff Ogilvy was talking. In fact it appeared to take precedence over his practice session as he was clearly still infuriated by green speed problems suspended play for five hours on Friday. Ogilvy had told organisers on Tuesday they needed to slow the speed of the greens but nothing was done. In fact, greens were cut on Friday morning.

Peter Senior wanted to talk and made it clear that the PGA of Australia were not to blame for the debacle. He wanted to let everyone know it was the amateur golf body, Golf Australia who managed to orchestrate the five hour suspension after strong winds blew golf balls off of greens. Some players losing up to three shots.

The final word of the day however, sat with Adam Scott. He let his golf do the talking for the first time that many can remember. Some kids at the Greg Norman golf clinic weren’t old enough to recall a day when Adam Scott used to make his mark on a tournament.

After Stuart Appleby missed some early putts, Scott then got his putter working to shoot to a three shot lead at one stage. Not even bogeys on 15 and 16 could stymie his run. Birdies on 17 and 18 assured a two shot lead over Appleby going into tomorrow’s round.

It was the Adam Scott many of us older brigade may remember and what a boost for his career it would be to win his first big tournament on home soil. It will be something everyone will be talking about.

Norman expects fast rounds of golf

Greg Norman sat down in the commentary booth during the first round of the Dubai World Championship last week. Norman was there to provide some thoughts on the course the European tour professionals were playing, the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates – a course he designed.

After reading the “Sign of the Times” article in Australian Golf Digest recently I wonder just how much “design” famous golfers are actually doing other than adding their name to the golf course. However, Norman did have a few interesting things to say about the course (which has had its fair share of criticism) but it was his comments on the speed of play got my attention.

Slow play is the bane of golf. Like bad driving, no one likes it but no one admits to doing it. I wrote an article recently lamenting the death of the four hour round of golf and the drop in standards. Many golfers consider four an a half hour rounds good going. A tragedy.

Norman mentioned he had to do some redesigns to his original “resort course” plan in order to hold a European Tour tournament. But he did not want to do them at the expense of the club members and residents who play on it for 51 weeks of the year.

“I didn’t want them to be playing six hour rounds of golf. I wanted them to still play the course in three hours fifty, three hours forty-five.”

Whoa! Did everyone hear that?! Listen up modern golfer, the Great White Shark expects three hour forty-five minute rounds of golf!

What a pleasure it was to hear. Greg Norman has a lot to say on a lot of things but this is one of the first great things he has said in a long time. We just need Tiger Woods to repeat it and the golf world may be a better and quicker place.

Could we pay him to say it?

Reebok Pump commercial with Greg Norman

It has been all pretty serious and Tiger-ish around here of late so let’s throw it all out of whack with this bit of retro craziness from the guy that used to be as big as Tiger.

Here Greg Norman stars in an advertisement for Reebok pump golf shoes from 1991. I had a pair of Reebok pumps for the basketball court but never realised they released a version for the golf course. The commercial is so corny it is hard to believe it was from the 90s and not the 80s.

The Shark prefers VB

Heather at Real Women Golf scored a nice little interview with Greg Norman a few weeks ago where The Shark decided to answer a few multiple choice questions such as:

Cork or screw top?
Screw top


A little odd coming from a wine loving Queenslander I thought! Check out the whole article over at Real Women Golf.

Tiger or Shark?

At a recent golf event a fellow competitor made what at first sounded like a a ridiculous thing to say, but on hindsight deserves some merit.

He pulled out quotes by Steve Williams last year where he said that Greg Norman was as good a golfer as Tiger Woods and went on to add he’d much rather watch Greg Norman play.

After this week’s announcement that Greg Norman and Tiger Woods will be playing on Australian shores this year, I’m interested to know the answer to this question:

If you had the choice, would you go see The Shark circling at the Australian Open at the stunning New South Wales Golf Club or Tiger on the prowl at the Australian Masters at the superb Kingston Heath?

Norman commits for 3 years

The year 2009 may turn out to be a watershed one for Australian Golf. Along with Tiger Woods appearing at the 2009 Australian Masters in November, politicians meeting with Golf Australia representatives last week and the formation of the OneAsia Tour, Greg Norman yesterday announced he will play in the Australian Open in Sydney for the next three years.

The Australian Open is now a part of the OneAsia Tour and the tournament was once considered very prestigious on the world stage. Norman is committed to ensuring it returns to it’s rightful world ranking. Despite being a banana-bender, he has also accepted a role as an ambassador for Events NSW to promote not only golf in New South Wales but all events staged on behalf of the state.

“I look forward to returning to Sydney to play the Australian Open this December. I’m particularly pleased that Golf Australia have selected the NSW Golf Club as the venue. Not only is the venue a favourite amongst the players it will provide an excellent backdrop for showcasing Sydney and NSW as an extraordinary golf destination.” Norman said

Norman has won the Stonehaven Cup five times and after his showing at the British Open last year, he could threaten to win it a sixth time. but it’s almost an after thought. This announcement has much bigger significance.

Greg Norman was denounced (particularly by the powers that ran the US PGA Tour) many years ago after proposing a World Golf Tour. It was a revolutionary and controversial idea but was something I believe could have changed golf forever, Tiger or no Tiger. With The Shark back involved in the development of Australian Golf on and off the course, we’re in good shape.

Australian Golf has been in the doldrums for too long. Sailing around in circles looking for some wind to push it in the right direction. How ironic it may be that a shark may create the swell that gets the ship moving again.

*Image courtesy of Golf Australia